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10 States with the Worst Tap Water in the US

Water is an element we cannot live and function without. Although we use it every day, we also take it for granted. 

Imagine waking up one day and turning the tap on in your bathroom. The water that comes out of it is not the clean crystal one you are so used to using. It is murky and smells bad. Wouldn’t you freak out? Millions of people around the world are exposed to such water quality. What is shocking is that even a well-developed country like the United States of America suffers from the worst water pollution in the world. It has a number of states that get a supply of questionable water. 

Despite the fact that some states do put in a lot of effort to ensure their people get safe drinking water, many do not have the necessary systems installed. These states have to settle for the minimum requirement of safe drinking water. However, the residents have tried to come up with personal solutions to this growing problem. 

The Ten States with the Worst Tap Water in the US 

The ten states with the worst tap water in the USA are:

1. Washington

Research conducted in 2015 stated that almost three million Washington residents were exposed to unsafe water. This means that nearly half of the state’s population was at high risk of developing water-related diseases. The factors contributing to the dreadful quality of water were low pH, low levels of dissolved oxygen, stormwater runoff, warm water temperatures, toxins, and bacteria. Areas, where such water conditions exist, have to use high levels of chlorine to kill the germs. Although Chlorine comes with its own set of risks, it is a vital chemical needed to make water usable. 

2. California

California is one of the states with the worst water quality. It has been at high risk of water contamination for the past decade. In 2015, more than 2.5 million residents of the state were exposed to low-grade drinking water. The low-income and rural communities were the worst affected. California is home to some of the country’s biggest farming zones. These communities get water that contains high levels of arsenic and uranium. Although the state has started taking action, it will be a long time before any real results are seen. For now, residents are shifting to using bottled water for everyday use. Even though it is costly, it does not bring medical harm. 

3. Arizona

Arizona has suffered from extreme water scarcity for a long time now. The state is very dry and deserted and has the highest recorded temperatures in all of the US. Sadly, it also has the worst water quality in the US. suffering from bad water quality. Its water problem is a cause for growing concern. Reports have emerged that show that Phoenix’s tap water has the maximum levels of chromium-6, a known carcinogen. Other toxins such as perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) are also found in the state’s water. 

4. Florida

Florida is one of the cities with the worst water since 2018. The two main reasons that contributed to this issue were red tide microorganisms that floated into the Gulf of Mexico, and blue-green algae which burst into lakes, rivers, and the ocean. These ecological disasters killed thousands of marine animals and plants. The increase in pollutants resulting from these dead specimens furthered the issue. The state also suffers from hurricanes and storms that seep many dangerous contaminants into the water systems. Florida is trying to install new systems that are better at handling these leakages. 

5. New Jersey

One of the top ten worst states in America for water quality is New Jersey. It has industrial zones that have made the problem of access to clean safe drinking water a big issue. PFCs and other highly toxic synthetic chemicals leftover from industrial waste entered the water systems in New Jersey, contaminating it. Although there are laws that limit companies and manufacturers from PFC usage, their impact on the water can be felt for a long time to come. Research has also shown that lead and chlorine are found in high quantities in New Jersey marking the water as unsuitable for drinking.   

6. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is going through the worst water pollution crisis because of the coal mining practiced in the state. A study conducted revealed that 20,000 miles of streams in the state are below the standard for fishing and swimming as stated by the law. There are over 200,000 leftover gas and oil wells that overflow with water each year. This water then enters the groundwater and contaminates it. Approximately six million Pennsylvanian inhabitants are provided with unsafe water. The authorities have introduced and imposed policies which are to control this crisis but no major change has been observed till now. 

7. Georgia

Georgia is known for pleasant weather and beautiful scenery but alas the worst water in America. The polluted rivers, streams, and wells contain unsafe drinking water. The chemicals range from arsenic, chloroform, radium, bromate, and chlorate. They cross the stated legal levels. These chemicals also cause skin and bladder cancer and are very dangerous for pregnant women. There has not been major action taken to counter these issues. The administration in Georgia is still trying to figure out how to manage such widespread water damage. 

8. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s water crisis began in 2017 when hurricanes Irma and Maria affected the area badly. The living conditions became worse and so did the water quality. The water became highly discolored and contained sediment that entered the water systems. Tap water became hard and dangerous for use. Nearly 99.5 percent of the total population of the area is exposed to this dangerous water. The government has tried to control the crisis by asking residents to boil the water before they use it for anything. 

9. Texas

The water quality in Texas has been getting worse day by day. The highest number of contaminated water systems is located in this region. The small rural communities are already suffering from water shortages and the worst drinking water by state. The old pipes are coated with lead which seeps into the water. According to recent reports, Texas has the country’s most radiated drinking water. The quality does not seem to be getting better at all and if authorities do not take action soon, things will get out of hand.  

10. Ohio

Ohio is one of America’s largest industrial centers and contains the worst drinking water. The operations are contributing greatly to the high-level water contamination. For a while, the schools and colleges had to be shut down because the amount of lead in the pipes contained in these places was too high. Many residents have come up with ways to filter out the water before use but the problem is nowhere near resolving.

Final Thoughts

If your state is on this list, you know that you are getting the worst tap water in the US. You should start taking extra precautions to reduce the effect of toxic water immediately! Using a water softener, a shower filter like “ECO Water Shower Head”, and bottled water are some of the solutions to reduce skin problems by filtering out the chemicals found in tap water.

Which USA State has the Worst Tap Water – Infographic?

Millions of people around the world are exposed to bad water quality. It’s shocking that a well-developed country like the USA suffers from the worst water pollution in the world. It has a number of states that get a supply of questionable water.

Worst Tap Water, 10 States with the Worst Tap Water in the US

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