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11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)

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Every time you look in the mirror, you should feel elevated because your hair looks incredible, but alas, all you see is hair that disheartens you and makes you think ”why my hair is dull and lifeless”. Every 8 out of 10 women are concerned about their hair problems and search for every possible reason to make them better.

But, instead of focusing on the root cause, they spend hundreds of dollars on hair products that are full of harmful chemicals and increase the ratio of damage. Resultantly feel distressed because the hair is not the way it used to be and again searching for how to get healthier hair as they are losing volume and with every passing day.

What are the major problems with hair? 

Even though you are using the best hair products, your hair quality is not improving. Why is that so? What’s the science behind it? Several reasons are associated with your diet, health, hair routine, and the products you are using, but first, learn about the common hair problems in women;

  1. Dullness
  2. Dry hair
  3. Hair loss
  4. Split ends
  5. Heat damaged hair
  6. Frizzy hair
  7. Oily and greasy hair
  8. Color damage hair
  9. Gray hair

Dull and lifeless hair typically lacks luster, has a rough course feeling, feels heavy, and looks frizzy. It can be due to various reasons such as excessive use of chemical products, work-stress, pollution, heat styling, improper diet, and less water intake.

Moreover, the beauty of hair depends on various factors including genetics, health, weather, and hair care. Genetics plays a vital part in determining hair textures such as straight, wavy, or curly and thickness of each strand. And, in case if you have genetically thin and dull hair, you can improve the texture with proper hair care and opt for treatments that make your hair shiny. You have more control over hair than you might think!

We gathered 11 possible reasons for dull and lifeless hair and added the best solutions. So,

Let’s discover the lifeless hair causes and their quick fixes.

 Find The 11 Most Common Lifeless Hair Causes

Women often switch hair brands to find the most appropriate one but this jump-jump game badly damages the hair. Our scalp and hair are sensitive to a lot of things we might not even know about. So it’s better to do a little research and find out what makes your hair shiny, silky, and beautiful.

1.  Diet matters a lot!

, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)

If you are eating out every day or you are missing meals often, your shinier hair naturally will start to become lifeless. Hair follicles are living organisms that need nutrients and vitamins to flourish. If there aren’t enough nutrients in your bloodstream, your hair will not be able to absorb them.

As soon as you improve your diet, your hair quality and quantity will become better.


Start eating foods that are rich in iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. Switch junk foods to organic foods and drink plenty of water. Add lean red meat, chicken, and fish to your diet for optimum hair health. After a few days, you will see a good change not only in your hair but in the whole body.

 2. Are you stressed?

, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)
The stress of any kind directly affects your hair health. When your body is suffering from a physiological strain, your adrenal glands and kidneys have to work harder to support your body functions. They cannot process the toxins so you get dull lifeless hair.


If things are getting out of hand, take a step back. You’ll have to maintain your sleep, diet, and exercise to ensure your mind and body achieve some level of peace. Once you start managing your stress levels, your hair will automatically become healthier.

3. Maintain a proper hair routine

, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)

No matter what type of hair you have, they need proper attention and care. Most of us don’t have a proper hair routine which is the reason for lifeless dull hair.


Below are some steps that you can follow to always have great hair;

  • Comb before washing
  • Brush before sleeping
  • Use sulfate-free products
  • Must use a leave-in conditioner and moisturizing products
  • Rinse your hair in mild or cold water
  • Use dry shampoo between washes
  • Don’t forget to use hair oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil.
  • Squeeze water out of hair instead of rubbing it
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase to manage frizz

4. Choose hair products carefully! 

, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)


How often do you use shampoos and conditioners?

Almost all shampoos and conditioners contain harmful chemicals like Ammonia, Parabens, Plastics, Silicone, and Sulfates. These chemicals have horrid effects on your hair. They make hair look dull and lifeless. Sulfates in shampoos remove oils your hair naturally produces and increase dryness. If you are using these shampoos on a daily basis, you are damaging your hair beyond repair.


You May Also Like to Read: Top 05 Ways To Save Your Hair From Hard Water


Check the labels before buying a shampoo, try using sulfate-free products. You can check the list of sulfate-free shampoos, which are organic and made from natural ingredients. Also, lessen the use of liquid shampoos, if your hair gets too oily over and over, then go for a dry shampoo.

5. Minimize the frequency of hair dyeing. 

, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)

Do you love to bleach or dye your hair regularly? While bleaching and dyeing hair is a fun activity that gives you a new look every time you do it, it is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair. The chemicals used in these products will harm the roots of your hair.


There is no need to give up on dyeing or bleaching your hair but you should stop doing it so frequently. Give time to your hair to heal before you expose it to the chemicals again.  You can also use natural hair color dyes such as henna, coffee, beet juice, chamomile tea, or sage.

6. Avoid heat styling.

, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)

Blow dryers, flat and curling irons maybe your best hair styling partner, but they can also be their worst enemies. The heat emitted from each of these processes is enough to damage our hair and reduce its shine.

Quick Fix:

It’s better to avoid heat styling as much as possible and settle for natural styling techniques such as natural braids and sea salt spray for beachy waves. You can easily find so many ways on the internet to style your hair without using heat-emitting equipment. But, in case of the absolute need for heat styling then always use heat protectant spray. You can also use steam rollers, which are much gentle on the hair and don’t get overheated. Also, don’t forget to oil your hair regularly to reverse the damage.

7. Improper Brushing 

, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)

Did you comb well? What kind of brush are you using? Is your brushing pattern correct?

Ask these questions to yourself! Improper brushing could damage your strands, cause breakage, and tangles.


There are different varieties of brushes available in the market that you can use depending on the type of hair you have. Most people are not aware of this, but using the right hairbrush can make a huge difference in how your hair texture changes in the long run.

If you’re wondering how to make hair healthier and shinier you need to buy a good quality boar bristle brush. It has the same feel as real human hair which helps in protecting the outer layer of your hair when you brush it. You can also use a wide-toothed comb for, particularly tangled locks.

8. Drinking a lot of coffee 

, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)

Using excess coffee can have major damaging effects on your hair. Coffee drinkers suffer from hair loss because the coffee beans use up the minerals and Vitamin B in your body leaving behind dull lifeless hair. Coffee also causes dehydration.


You do not have to completely give up on coffee. A little coffee is good for keeping your body going and getting you through rough days. Just make sure you are not overdoing it.

9. Excessive alcohol consumption: 

, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)

Drinking a little alcohol is fine but using too much alcohol can damage more than just your liver. Your hair will get drier and turn tangly if you start using too many alcoholic drinks. Your body will start retaining the toxins which directly go to your head.


The simplest solution for this problem is to watch how much alcohol is going into your body. Try to drink water as much as you can and keep your body hydrated at all times.

10. Hard Water Damage

, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)

Does your water supply contain excess calcium and magnesium?

There are several states in the USA that are facing the worst tap water issues including Florida, Arizona, California, and many others. The percentage of water pollution is very high even in the well-developed states. Tap water is filled with chemicals, high amounts of minerals and salts, that are not safe for drinking and domestic purposes.

If you are living in an area where you get hard water, you are more likely to have dull lifeless hair with excess dandruff. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium that forms salt deposits on your scalp and damages the shine of your hair. You should start taking extra precautions to reduce the effect of toxic water immediately!


Hard water is known as the silent killer of hair and the most notable reason for hair loss. It increases dryness and leaves hair dull and frizzy. But there are many ways to save your hair from hard water such as home remedies, water softener, and using bottled water.

The easiest of which is to buy and install an eco shower head for the hard water filtration. It stops the chemicals and minerals from going through the showerhead and entering your hair.

Other easy ways are covered in the post, “Is Hard Water Leading to Hair Loss?” It explains simple yet effective solutions and will help reverse your hair damage in no time!

11. Are you suffering from an autoimmune disease?


, 11 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Dull & Lifeless | (How To Make It Healthier And Shinier)

If you think your hair looks dull and lifeless, you should get a medical checkup. Autoimmune diseases cause the body’s immune system to malfunction. Your body starts treating healthy cells as dangerous ones and hence causes health problems. Among other issues, hair loss is also a major issue that arises with this.


If you are suffering from any autoimmune disease, you should start its treatment immediately. Diet has a huge impact on autoimmune systems, so it’s better to pay more attention to what and when are you eating. You will notice a visible difference in your hair as soon as your health starts getting better.

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