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Maifan Stone – Why It is Perfect for Shower Filters?

Maifan Stones

You’ve probably seen a shower with colorful beads in the transparent arm and wonder what these are. Are these for looks, or do they have any functionality in the showerhead? There are many questions out there about mineral beads. 

Let’s first discuss the science behind adding these mineral beads to the shower filter.

Water Regulating companies usually add a considerable amount of chlorine to the water for cleaning purposes. They use it not because it is the safest method but the cheapest one. The chlorine in the water affects your skin and hair and causes several problems such as excessive hair fall, frizziness, itchy scalp, dandruff, rough ends, and many others. Moreover, the addition of minerals, fluorides, and bacteria make the condition worse and become a reason for allergic skin. These contaminants in water are dangerous for a person with dry or wet eczema. 

After analyzing these problems caused by unfiltered, regular water; Filter Showerhead is manufactured. They added the highly beneficial bio-active stones that are natural and well known for centuries for not only filtering water but correcting its PH value for better skin and hair health. 

Three types of Mineral Stones in Showerhead 

, Maifan Stone – Why It is Perfect for Shower Filters?

Three different stones are combined in showerhead; Maifan Stones, Alkaline Tourmaline Stones, and Antibacterial Activation Mineralization Stones. These mineral stones are individually used for centuries to cure various skin allergies. They contain lots of micronutrients, such as copper, selenium, calcium, and magnesium, essential for the human body. Mineral stones also have a strong filtration ability for heavy metal ions and toxins from water. It reduces the concentration of bacteria while limiting its reproduction. 

The combination of beads ensures chlorine filtration of up to 99% and eliminates minerals and bacteria by its negatively charged ion. They play the best part in converting hard water into soft water. 

One of the most valuable stones in the mineral showerhead is Maifan Stone, which is popular in ancient Chinese treatments due to its numerous benefits and properties.  

What is Maifan Stone? 

Maifan Stone is a unique mineral rock primarily composed of silicate minerals. It has a massive capacity for ion exchange and the filtration of chemical impurities and heavy soluble metals in the water. It provides a gentle release of rich minerals and raises pH alkalinity levels.

Maifan Stone contains excess nutrients and trace minerals and microelements, such as iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium, all essential to a healthy human body. It is especially useful in treating ulcers and skin tumors. 

, Maifan Stone – Why It is Perfect for Shower Filters?

Due to its countless advantages, many mineral water manufacturers add a small amount of Maifan Stone to increase the quantity of micronutrient in the water. It also helps in softening water by changing the ions and making them in an alkaline position.   

Maifan stone is also called “Cell Detergent” as it provides an “ozone” effect by improving water’s biological activity with the dissolved oxygen concentration. This process is also known as the “activation” of water.  

How are Maifan Stones made for Shower Filters? 

Maifan beads for filter showers are made with quality Maifan stone, clay, and multi-functional health ceramic materials to naturally soften and purify your water. All these materials are heated at 800 °C temperature in the burner for approximately 9 to 10 hours to make Maifan beads for filter showerheads. These tiny beads boost activation in your water as well as essential minerals needed by human bodies. It can raise PH value to 7.0-7.5 in the water, between neutral or weak alkaline. 

Why is Maifan Stone used in filter showers? 

, Maifan Stone – Why It is Perfect for Shower Filters?

Maifan stone and the other two, tourmaline and anti-bacterial activation stone, are used in the Eco filter shower to provide several benefits to the human body. Maifan Stone used in filter showers is a spherical ball of red-brown color. The size varies from a diameter of 2mm – 30mm. It is added for water activation and mineralization, restores the PH balance in your body, provides antibacterial properties, absorption of heavy metals, and improves water taste. 

All three stones generally last from 6-8 months in the filter showerhead, but it also depends on your water usage. The average amount of water that can be filtered using one pack of mineral stones is 7,000 Gallons (27,000 liters), approximately 6 months of shower usage.

If you want to keep your showerhead in a tip-top condition, you’ll have to change your showerheads after 6-8 months. You can get replacement shower beads from any online store like Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, or you can also purchase from the website of filter showerheads. They provide individual packs of mineral beads at a very affordable price.  

Filter showers are beneficial for health, but they have other quality specifications that made them so popular these days. They are eco-friendly, as they save up to 30% of water. 


Filter shower increases the water pressure up to 200% (2x) and saves water up to 30%, making it an eco-friendly shower. The showerhead has 250 laser-cut spray holes, which are crafted using anodized aluminum to make the structure perfect. The best part of this showerhead is that you can use it for thick and thin hair infants, and furry pets. Moreover, filter showerheads are usually handheld and provide countless benefits such as;

  • Cleaning access to unreachable body parts in the shower
  • Easy pet shower
  • Trouble-free Leg shaving
  • Best for disable people or patients
  • Used for shower walls and floor
  • Easy filling for tubs or buckets
  • Provides many shower settings (Rainfall, Jetting, Massage)

Filter shower with beads is made from high-density ABS thermoplastic polymer, which makes it highly durable. If you are not convinced enough to install the filter showerhead by its quality specs, you must look again at the highly beneficial mineral stones. It is refreshing, rejuvenating, and relaxing. Also, give you a spa-like experience at home.  

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