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Tourmaline Mineral Balls for Shower Head | Are You Using Them?

Tourmaline Mineral known as Alkaline Tourmaline Stone

Tourmaline Mineral Balls or also known as Alkaline Tourmaline Stone. It is a semi-precious mineral bead gray in color. It grows inside marble and granite, which is located all over the world. The largest deposit of tourmaline stone is found in Brazil, South Asia, Maine, and California in the United States. Tourmaline is naturally black in color. 

What is the Science Behind Tourmaline Stone?

Black Tourmaline stone has a high content of iron which makes it magnetic when energy is applied. It follows the pyroelectric phenomenon. If you heat a tourmaline or pass water, it will create a temporary electric field that will electrically charge the air molecules. It also breaks apart air molecules and changes them to electrically charged particles. 

Both actions of alkaline tourmaline stones generate anions which are negative ions. They are very light floating particles with extra electrons. 

, Tourmaline Mineral Balls for Shower Head | Are You Using Them?


You’ve probably thought that why negative ions are added to water?  

While many toxic stressors of our environment, such as pollution, smoke, allergens, dust, and electric fields from cell phones, computers, and other household appliances, carried heavy concentration positive ions (cations). These positively charged ions attract negative charged ions and bond together to create dense particles that do not float in the air and fall to the floor of your bathroom and shower. 

Let’s take an example of extra anions or negative ions from our daily life. Did you ever feel refreshed or incredible near a waterfall or walk after heavy rainfall. This is due to the extra anion effect in the air. The anions by Tourmaline Stones in your shower create the same positive effect. 

Tourmaline Stones have many health benefits. It lowers your stress levels, boosts energy levels, encourages better sleep, and increases mental energy. These mineral stones reinforce the production of collagen and act as a natural antidepressant. The negative ions (anions) balance the PH level in the water. 

Natural Stones have the best healing and cleansing properties. They are studied under the term Lithotherapy. Tourmaline stone is also used in jewelry and home decor for better physical and mental health. 

Moreover, it helps in the filtration and absorption of harmful chemicals, dirt, minerals, and other impurities, and that is the reason for adding the mineral beads in filter showerheads. It absorbs 99% chlorine and minerals such as calcium and magnesium, making the water soft and clean.

Health Benefits of Filter Showerheads With Tourmaline 

, Tourmaline Mineral Balls for Shower Head | Are You Using Them?

Filter showerheads are so popular these days. They have 3 types of mineral beads; Maifan Stone, Antibacterial Activation Mineralization Stones, and Tourmaline Stone. Filter Showerheads are also spreading awareness and educating people to care about the water they are bathing and showering. There are several benefits shower head filters offer, and you might not know!


  1. You will get sick less often as the shower filter prevents bacteria and germs from getting through the shower.
  2. Showerhead with beads will remove impurities and contaminants from the water, making it soft and maintaining your hair and skin’s health. 
  3. It will adjust the PH balance and add negative ions in water, making you feel fresh and relaxed after taking a shower. Filter showers help in reducing fatigue, stress, and mental depression. 


Why Using a Tourmaline in the Shower? 

, Tourmaline Mineral Balls for Shower Head | Are You Using Them?


Tourmaline stones are grey in color in the showerhead with a diameter of 7-8mm. It helps in the detoxification process and relieves the stress of the human body. It improves blood circulation, and mental attention also strengthens immunity. 

In Filter Showerhead, It will change water into an alkaline state, thus reducing water clustering. Tourmaline stone showers provide a fantastic moisturizing effect. It facilitates you getting the best water accessible with healing properties and enhancing your physical and spiritual state.

Tourmaline stone is a semi-precious mineral stone used for centuries for its incredible ability to help in the human body’s detoxification process. These tiny stones or beads emit negative ions and far-infrared rays. Tourmaline naturally emits far-infrared heat and exerts positive energy on our nervous system.

It supports detoxification, lessens oil secretion, recovers balance in oil glands, and strengthens your skin. Tourmaline mineral balls can release negative ions, adjust the water’s pH value to slightly alkaline, and reduce limescale buildup. The filter showerhead improves skin and hair quality, reduces water odor, reduces fatigue, boosts metabolism, and intensifies natural healing and immunity. 

Every filter has its lifetime starting from 8 months up to 1 year. Tourmaline, along with the other 2 mineral stones, will last from 6-8 months in a filtered showerhead. However, it also depends on your water consumption and the level of hard water in your place. You can quickly get mineral stone supply from any online store or purchase from the filter showerhead company. You can install a Filter Showerhead in more than one place in your home, don’t just limit it to the bathroom you can use it in the kitchen also, and enjoy purified clean and fresh water. 

What’s More in a Mineral Shower Head?

, Tourmaline Mineral Balls for Shower Head | Are You Using Them?

In addition to filtration, purification, and providing health benefits, the mineral shower has many other quality specs that are good enough to convince you to switch to a mineral or filter shower head from an ordinary showerhead. The mineral shower is best for water-saving. It saves up to 30% water by offering 2x water pressure. It has 3 different spa modes in the shower; rainfall mode, jet mode, and massage mode. Rainfall is a strong, monsoon-like shower mode. Massage mode helps reduce aches and pains and offers a spa like experience at home.

Jet mode offers you a high-intensity spray to re-energize and rejuvenate your body. A shower filter is undoubtedly a worth-having thing at home. It comes up with a wall holder and a stainless steel shower hose that is easy to clean. And also filter shower heads are handheld which is a plus point. You can use handheld showers for many purposes such as cleaning nooks and crannies of your body, give your pet a clean and fresh shower, and enjoy more effortless leg shavings. 

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