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Top 05 Ways to Save your Hair From Hard Water

Having a smooth hair texture is the goal of every individual. Unfortunately, the use of hard water leads to hair loss and damages the hair texture, which is very hard to repair. Routines have changed drastically in the past couple of years; we do not have the time or the energy to take special care of our hair anymore. Adding to this, many states in the USA suffer from the worst water pollution in the world. These states’ residents have to settle for the minimum requirement of safe water as most areas only have access to it. Due to this, the hair loss damage begins before we even start to notice it. 

There are many reasons for dry and lifeless hair such as improper diet, stress, heat styling, frequent dying, hard water shower and many others. Instead of focusing on the root cause we usually spend money on different shampoo, conditioners, and oils which makes our hair worse than before. Along with all factors that make our hair dull, dry, flaky, and frizzy, the bad water quality is the most notable reason. It does not only dry up your hair. It also leaves it frizzy and increases the amount of dandruff on your scalp. Hard water is also quoted as the silent killer of hair because people, in general, are not aware of the extent to which it can damage hair. Let’s dive deep into hard water and its effects on hair. Moreover, how can you protect your hair from hard water? 

What is Hard Water? 

The hardness of water is determined by the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. When the rainwater travels through rocks, soil and even sand, it naturally picks up mineral salts like calcium and magnesium. While these accumulated minerals aren’t generally harmful to health, they are tough on your hair and skin. As the water gets these minerals, they react with shampoos, conditioners and soaps to reduce effectiveness. 

The tap water we get in our homes is filled with minerals and harmful chemicals such as chlorine. Although it is a disinfectant used to kill germs, it has very adverse and harmful effects on skin and hair. 

Effects of Hard Water on Hair 

How is hard water leading to excessive hair loss?, Top 05 Ways to Save your Hair From Hard Water

Hair is a sensitive component of our body. It is easily damaged by various elements, one of which is hard water. Hard water comprises a considerable amount of calcium and magnesium. On its own, these two components do not cause damage, but when they mix with the hair products, they form a salt. This salt is the real issue as it does not let your scalp absorb moisturizer from shampoos or conditioners.

The minerals in hard water react with shampoo to form a salt, which leaves a residue on your hair and scalp’s surface. It creates a thin film which blocks moisturizers in your conditioner from absorbing, leaving your hair dry, prone to tangles and vulnerable to breakage. Your hair starts to lose its natural shine. If breakage goes on, it will lead to hair loss and hair thinning. Hard water damages your hair follicles and affects hair growth. 

As you start losing hair, your hair becomes thinner and thinner until you notice visible bald spots on your head. It is high time that individuals realize that the reason behind brittle and frizzy hair is chemical water usage. The unannounced mineral excess on your scalp caused by hard water on hair leads to bacterial growth, infections, and yeast which is also harmful to your health.

Now that you have the answer to, “Is hard water bad for your hair?” you must start protecting it. 

How can you protect your hair from hard water?

If you are struggling with hard water in your home and finding the best possible solutions. Then you are in the right place. It is not too late to start protecting your hair from the impact of this chemical water. This blog will give you five hard water remedies to save your hair from further damage.

There are some simple treatments that you can follow at home to reduce the damage done to hair:   

1- Quick fix – The ECO SHOWERHEAD With SPA EXPERIENCE (Order Now at $ 49.90)

How is hard water leading to excessive hair loss?, Top 05 Ways to Save your Hair From Hard Water

A shower filter is one of the simplest and easiest hard water solutions for hair. You can get an ECO SPA shower head from our website EcoShowerTechnology and install it inside the head of your shower. This shower is one of the best shower filters used for water purification. It enriches the water and makes it safe to be used on hair. A shower filter is designed to remove dangerous chemical contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, calcium, magnesium, and heavy metals, including those mixed in a water softener. Your hair will not be as exposed to the dangers, and hence you will notice a visible decrease in your hair fall.


2- Water Softener – Turn hard water into soft water 

How is hard water leading to excessive hair loss?, Top 05 Ways to Save your Hair From Hard Water

One of the best and quickest ways to deal with hard water is to turn it into soft water before you use it. You can do this by installing a water softener in your house. A water softener is a machine connected to the source from where water enters your house pipes. If you want one specifically for your bathroom, you can get a smaller bathroom water softener as well. 

The water softener uses a 2-step regeneration process to exchange ions of calcium and magnesium with sodium to make water soft. The water softener effect on hair is the same as using clean, freshwater. 

3- A home remedy – Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse and Lemon Rinse 

How is hard water leading to excessive hair loss?, Top 05 Ways to Save your Hair From Hard Water

One of the best ways to reclaim your healthy hair is by using an apple cider vinegar rinse and a lemon rinse. You can buy apple cider vinegar at any organic food store. It helps in reducing the mineral build-up on your scalp. Leave the solution on your head for at least 25 mins before going in for a shower. While showering, use lukewarm water instead of cold water as it will clean your hair thoroughly.

A lemon rinse is also a good option for a home remedy for hard water hair loss. Lemons have an acidic nature which helps in removing excess salt.

In 3 cups of regular tap water, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix it well. After shampooing, rinse your hair with this lemon water solution. Massage your scalp well and then run water through your head to clean away the lemon rinse.

You will notice a visible change in your hair shine and dandruff reduction after using these solutions. 

4- Simple products – Moisturizing Masks and Leave-in Conditioners 

How is hard water leading to excessive hair loss?, Top 05 Ways to Save your Hair From Hard Water

If you cannot minimize the use of chemical water, you have to look for ways to cope up with the damage it is doing to your hair. One hair treatment for hard water damage is to buy moisturizing masks and leave-in conditioners. They have unique properties that deal with the salt deposits on your scalp. The moisture which your hair cannot absorb naturally can be obtained from these products. Make sure you get these items from a well-renowned brand so that your hair is not exposed to cheap chemicals. 

5- Purified Bottled Water – A short-term solution 

How is hard water leading to excessive hair loss?, Top 05 Ways to Save your Hair From Hard Water

Lastly, if you have no other choice and your hair condition is getting worse day by day, you should shift to using purified bottled water. Most people are turning to this alternative because it is simple and easy and because their hair is worth the money, they spend on buying these bottles.

Last Few Words

Hard water results in hair loss and other forms of hair damage which should be controlled immediately. Using the techniques mentioned above, you can save your hair from further damage and restore its natural shine! This article is also featured in

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