3 beads

Beads (1 Year Supply for 2 Showerheads)



Get your 1 year supply of ionic balls for 2 Showerheads for $19.99

Product Specifications:

  • Material of balls: Alkaline Tourmaline Stones, Maifan Stones, Antibacterial Activation Mineralization Stones
  • Dimensions: Grey:7-8mm  White: 7-8mm, Orange:5-6mm
  • Color: As shown in the picture
  • Quantity: 1 year supply

Additional Information:

Install a Filter Showerhead in both your bathroom and Kitchen or in more than one place in your home and enjoy filtered, purified, and refreshing water. Buy a 1 year stock of mineral balls for 2 showerheads and save yourself from online orders after every six months. Three types of mineral balls (Anion Balls, Energy Ball, Mineral Balls) in Eco Shower Head make your skin smoother and reduce oil secretion. Mineral balls are bioactive stones that help restore balance in oil glands. Eco Showerheads to ensure the highest level of water purity for your home.